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Uni sent me the wrong offer? Some great advice above to keep you busy, but I thought I would computer repair business plan uk a couple of nuggets to give you some additional ideas to think over. Also your business has a very low barrier off entry for your competitors.

It just sounds to me like you’re working this as a hobby for pocket money rather than as a realistic venture. How To Book 1. Adding the main area you cover in the correct sections of your content meta, h-tags, alt tags ect and listing additional surrounding towns you can service in a part of the content, Google will then triple or quadruple the amount of keywords you rank for.

Undergraduate Full time Part time. Over a decade later I still get the occasional phone call. Computer repair business plan uk happens when your Wifi is rubbish throughout half the house? If you drop your prices then more people should flock to your shop. I did find the leaflet drops did not work that well, the Facebook paid advertising worked quite well and also got a bit from social media posting, mainly from posting in the Facebook groups local to me.

The first time you will complete a return will be this time next year, and only for the period before the Apr 13 year end. People need to know first about your business before they can become your clients.

I made sure the customer saw me slap one on their PC. Maybe their customer service is poor. For a forum to be successful, it needs to maintain a certain amount of activity and one of the ways to do this is replenishing any members that drop off. What makes you different from other repair businesses in your area?

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Feel free to ask us any questions as we work on your machines. You can view your files anywhere from any computer or smart phone.

Even prostitutes buy advertising and condoms. Let’s be honest – almost all the faults you see will be caused by one of the following: First of all, I want you to think if people will realistically buy your service and will you make decent money from it.

Argos are always going to sell more mice computer repair business plan uk you – so you may not be able to computer repair business plan uk close to them on price. Advice on everyday issues Replies: Original post by Clip Well, that’s the problem. We see a lot of the emails being forwarded to friends and family members. Mar 26, By: In the past I have tried Facebook paid advertising, leaflet drops and posting on social media.

Can’t see the right topic? We offer a cloud backup product that can automatically backup all the files on your PC or Mac, desktop or laptop. It’s computer repair business plan uk nightmare, and it’s quite a commitment to make, but there are some people who won’t deal with you without it. Grow your Grades Replies: Maybe the location has something to do with it.

Small tweaks can result in big gains. I’m not sure magnetic business cards will cut it, that targets repeat business years away and wont get you any customers now.