My birthday is on 8th September. Previous post Next post. I eat cake and play with my friends on my birthday. Log in Sign up Newsletter.

I cut a small piece of cake and gave it to my parents. I think that that is I celebrate my birthday with birrthday big party including my family!

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Hello, my birthday is on the 13 October. I belong to wealthy family. Those who came started taking leave.

What do you do at birthday parties? I am very happy on this day because it is the only day when I made to feel important. My sister helps me to decorate the room. The gifts were piled up in one corner. My yuo is on 24th October. My friends and relatives started coming by about 5 p.

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How do you celebrate your birthday? We ate lunch with them. I was in tears when I saw the affection and love of those unfortunate brothers. I received everyone of them warmly and made them sit comfortably in the drawing room. There was pleasure, laughter and music. I share my birthday cake with my family and friends. We all roared us with laughter.

I go to a restraint and eat food with my friends. Everyone wished me a happy birthday as I served them with a piece of cake. Soon we all got ready to play some games. I celebrated at my home whit my celberate they ate aloth of cake my birthday present is BriBomber. I still forget that day.

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So i invited some of my close friends and my mother invited some of our immediate relatives. Since January 20 th was a Sunday, we could celebrate my birthday without any inconvenience. I got up in the morning and went to the nearby temple with my parents and my sister to invoke the blessing of God. The lengthening shadows of the evening reminded us that we had to wind up. How will you celebrate your next birthday essay celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.

They brought me gifts nicely packed with coloured wrappers. What’s the best birthday present you have ever got? My birthday falls on 20 th January. I celebrate my birthday celebrrate having a party.